Classes:  At Backstage Dance we are proud to offer Tiny Tots, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro, Adult, & Exam classes.

The studio offers Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams, which is a very high, world-wide standard.

In Tap and Jazz, the studio offers Canadian Dance Teacher Association exams, which is a very high, national standard for tap and jazz students. Tap & Jazz Exam students must take at least 1 class of ballet.

Our Tiny Tot classes are structured classes designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of dance by introducing a ballet foundation, and working to improve co-ordination, rhythm and discipline.

Early Registration: For all students returning, we ask you register in July…even if you do not plan to pay until Sept.  Please drop off the registration form so we can make any changes to the schedule over the summer.  Date Monday, July 13th, 2015 from 2:306:30 pm at the studio. View the tentative schedule here. DOWNLOAD EARLY REGISTRATION FORM HERE.

Registration: Regular registration for 2015-2016 will be held _  at the studio. A dance supplier will be in attendance with body suits and dance shoes for order and purchase.

Classes begin Monday September 7, 2015:  Please be sure to check the week prior to start date for any changes that have occurred in the schedule.  Check phone calls to see if the studio has called or phone in and leave a message and we will call you back if there is a change.

Commitment:  We ask that all students attend class regularly, work to their potential, respect the instructors and their fellow students and most importantly…have FUN!

Attendance:  Students are to arrive 10 minutes prior to their dance class.  Please call the studio if you child will be absent.  We keep attendance books in class.  If your child is missing 3 lessons in a row, a call will be made and arrangements to catch up on missed material should be made.

Withdrawal:  When a student quits, it affects the entire class.  Written notice must be received ONE MONTH PRIOR to completion.  Monthly fees are refundable, however, registration fees, costume fees (if already ordered) and the fees of the month that notice is given are not refundable…no exceptions.  Also, there are NO refunds upon termination after March 1st.

Fees:  All fees are calculated on a 32 lesson per year schedule with 2 stage rehearsals and a year end show. Most classes receive between 33-35 classes. We reserve the right to cancel classes and will not refund fees unless the class total drops below 32 lessons in the year. If classes are cancelled due to weather, holidays etc., notification will be given. If you are not sure classes are running, please call the studio.

A fee schedule is listed on your registration form.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the office.

Private lessons are as follows:

1 student  $17.50/ ½ hr. 2 students  $12.00/½ hr. ea.
3 students $10.00/ ½ hr. ea.
4 students (+) $ 9.00/ ½ hr. ea.

Remember, we do not collect monthly.  Full Payment or Post Dated Cheques are required to be into the office prior to your child’s first dance lesson.

There is a $20.00 service fee on all NSF cheques.  If you are having financial difficulty clearing a cheque, please call us before the deposit date to hold your cheque.  We are not a huge business!!  You are responsible to pay any bank or collection fees we incur on your account.

Newsletters:  4-9 Newsletters go home each year.  Watch for them.  We will also post copies on the Announcements page of this site.

Parent Viewing:  We want the full attention of your child each week, so once or twice a year parent viewing dates are set aside for you to watch your child in regular class.  If you have questions or concerns, call the office to speak to your teacher after class.  We encourage discussion, however, classes are scheduled tightly, and discussions may have to be before or after classes run.

We all want the best for your child and learning really works best if it’s a group effort.

Instruction:  Miss Renee prides the studio in offering quality instruction.  All of the instructors at Backstage Dance Co. have a ballet-based background, which is a strong base for all dance forms.  All of the instructors are qualified teachers or working to complete their qualifications.  Each holds certifications in a variety of the advanced levels of R.A.D. Ballet, C.D.T.A. Tap, C.D.T.A  Jazz, I.S.T.D. National, I.S.T.D. Modern, R.A.D. Teachers certification, or Member/associate member of C.D.T.A. Sask. Branch.

This is Miss Renee’s 30 + year of teaching.  She has all of the above accreditations as well is an Examiner for the C.D.T.A. Sask. Branch for tap and jazz.  Miss Shauna is a Registered Teacher of the R.A.D., an associate member of the C.D.T.A. and has been teaching for Backstage for at least 10 years.  Miss Vicki has done her Member exam for C.D.T.A. Miss Renee has had Backstage Dance Co. for 24 years and looks forward to many more.

Teachers: Ms. Shauna Cuthbert, Ms. Renee Skeoch, Ms. Vicki Wilson, Mr.Tynan, Mr. Sterling



Studio Dress Code:  What will I Need?

Body suit colours 

Ages 3 – 8 years
Solid color Body suit – If buying new, recommended colors are Black or Pink

Ages 9 years – Gr. 2 level
Solid color Body suit – If buying new, recommended colors are Black or Navy Blue

Gr. 3 level – Senior level
Solid color Body suit – If buying new, recommended colors are Black, Maroon or Navy Blue.

Ballet Class specific

Tiny Tots – Primary: Body suit, Light pink or white tights, Pink Ballet slippers (full soled), Short Ballet Skirt (optional)

Ballet Grades 1 -4: Body suit, Light pink or white tights, Pink Ballet slippers (full soled), Character Shoes (check with instructor for heel height), Short Ballet Skirt (optional)

Ballet Grades 5 – 8: Body suit, Light pink tights, Pink ballet slippers, Character Shoes, Pointe shoes (properly fitted), Short Ballet Skirt (optional)

Tap/Jazz/Lyrical Classes

All tap and jazz classes can wear same as ballet classes but with the appropriate footwear.

Pre-Primary Combo class to wear Black Patent Tap shoes.

Pre-Primary Combo class does not have to purchase jazz shoes.  Ballet slippers, bare feet or grippy socks (in a dark color) are acceptable.

Tap classes Primary and up to wear Black leather tap shoes must not wear patent shoes for show or competition.

Tap classes Grade 3 and up preferably wear black slip-on Tap shoes.

Jazz classes wear Black leather jazz shoes, preferably slip-on.

Jazz classes will sometimes be allowed to wear jazz pants.

Hip Hop Classes

Attire can be the same as Jazz but can get funkier with jazz pants or capri’s and a tight fitting t-shirt over the body suit.

Proper Hip hop runners are strongly recommended to help prevent shin splints.


  • No Jewelry in any class to prevent injuries.
  • Hair must be in a bun for ballet classes & up high off neck for all other classes.
  • GUM IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO… don’t even try it!!!

Dance Exams:  

We are trained and offer examinations in:

Royal Academy of Ballet
Canadian Dance Teacher Association

Come talk to us if you are interested in getting your own certification in this art form.

Please remember that we, as teachers, have set guidelines and requirements our students are expected to meet.  Our experience tells us whether a student is meeting these goals.  If there are limitations to what a student can do, whether it’s physically challenging or they haven’t mastered it, we will not be able to enter them for an exam.  These skills do take time for most students.  The students can however, continue to work toward these goals at this level.

Festivals + Performances: We train all year for some fantastic year end and festival performances. This work requires a great deal of commitment and time but the end result is always a treat to watch.

Remember that festival is an experience, as well as a privilege.  At our studio, we try to include all students who are interested in doing festival in that experience.  Not all classes will automatically go to festival.  The students must work hard to achieve the standard that is expected before a decision will be made.  Our studio goal with festival is that students strive to dance to their full potential.  A festival experience helps this along as they can see other dancers doing the same.

IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT WINNING!!!  We do, however, want our festival students to have a good experience and not to feel out of place when at festival.

Year End Performance
Our show usually runs the end of May or beginning of June.  We try to make our show a fun, exciting experience for all of our dancers.  After all, this is what they have worked hard for all year.  We start working on these routines fairly early in the year. Costumes for the show are ordered in October to December and are kept by the student after the show.  In some instances, we may rent, in which case the items are to be returned after the show.  We do two stage rehearsals prior to the show, and ask that everyone attend as they are essential for staging of the numbers.  Everyone is encouraged to perform in the show, and if your child will not be attending, please notify us at least 6 weeks in advance.


We are very glad to have your child at the studio.  Thank you for entrusting us with their dance education.  We look forward to a fantastic year of dance and fun!  We also thank you for your cooperation in advance.  Questions or concerns can be forwarded to the Office @778-2205 or you may e-mail Backstage@sasktel.net.